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Elegant Wedding Decoration

In a wedding decoration, every detail weaves together to create a captivating celebration of love and union. Let's delve into the elements of this elegant wedding decor, each carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Church Decoration:

Elegant gold stands adorned with tall vases showcase arrangements of white, pink, and purple roses, intertwined with the fresh fragrance of eucalyptus, white chrysanthemums, and gerberas (transvaal daisies) in a soft, light orange hue. The bride's bouquet mirrors the beauty of the floral arrangements, adding a touch of continuity to the decor.

Bridesmaid Corsages:

Bridesmaid corsages made with fresh white roses and satin ribbon add a touch of elegance to the ensemble, complementing the bride's bouquet and tying together the bridal party's attire with the overall decor theme.

Flower Girl Baskets & Lemonade Station:

White satin baskets, for the flower girls, are filled with rose petals and rice, ready to shower the newlyweds with blessings at the conclusion of the ceremony. Outside the church, a charming lemonade station awaits guests, offering refreshing beverages and gold vases filled with rice and petals, encouraging them to partake in the joyful celebration.


Transitioning to the reception, tall vases stand proudly on either side of the couple as they receive congratulations from their loved ones. Across from them, a pathway illuminated by the soft glow of lit candles creates a romantic atmosphere.

Head Table:

At the head table, a floral arrangement takes center stage, featuring the same flowers seen in the church decor. Tall gold candleholders add a warm, romantic glow to the surroundings, while a table at the entrance beckons guests to leave their heartfelt wishes for the couple. A glass box adorned with delicate gold details holds heart-shaped cards, ready to capture the love and blessings of all who attend.

Wedding Cake:

The wedding cake, a centrepiece of the reception, is adorned with fresh flowers matching the floral arrangements seen throughout the venue.

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